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You don’t have to wait for a top label to notice your talent before you begin creating your own records. Planning to set up a digital studio with quality, professional recording equipment? No problem, Manythings carries affordable equipment for experienced audio engineers.  We display an enormous variety of excellent preamps, monitors, mics, and many other recording equipment.

At, we carry an enormous collection of home recording equipment, regardless if you are looking for a 2 channel interface for recording those podcasts as well as basic music projects, or a 32 channel board for band recordings. A great reliable sounding interface is an important link between your computer and the performance. Most of your recording equipment will be re routed through your interface, so it’s crucial to select the right model. 

From  trend-setting, newer equipment like the Blue Blueberry to studio pieces like the Shure SM57, you’ll discover microphones for electric guitars, vocals, acoustic instruments, and much more at Manythings. For live the applications, dynamic cardioid mics are ideal for vocals, however in the environment of the studio, a big diaphragm condenser mic will perfectly capture the nuance and depth of your performance. Select from top brands like Sennheiser, AKG, & Rode to locate the right mic for your  budget and style.

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