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Most abrasive materials are utilized for surface creation and preparation during grinding work.  Cleaning and surface Blending for De-Burring, Sanding & Finishing. These are made to achieve and perform the top  final results especially when operating with Plastics, Wood, Metals, Plastics, Ceramics and Glass..  

Browse huge variety of Polishing,  Abrasives & Finishing Supplies, built with Rubberized wheels,  Unitized Material, Silicone Carbide, Aluminum Oxide,  Silicone, Convolute Scotch-Brite wheels & points, and also Diamond. These abrasive materials are being delivered with cloth, paper PSA backing and film.

We stock on complete variety of abrasive materials from in rolls such as Flap Wheels, Belts,  pre-glued Emery Sticks, Shop Rolls, Sanding Pads, the basic sheets,  Bands, Satin Finish Wheels, Cartridge Rolls, Discs.

We carry the top brands in the Industry; SIA Abrasives, Norton St., Pacific Abrasives, Grobet, 3M Products, Cratex, EC-Moore and many more…

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Abrasive & Finishing Products

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