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Percussion instruments are one of the most ancient, and took presence in the early tribal days of almost every single civilization. Drums are an important part of our culture, not just because they talk to many musical heritages, but because we all carry around some sort of a personal rhythm in our beating hearts. At Manythings, we deeply honor the world’s oldest traditions by stocking drums & percussion accessories for every player.

Shopping for a full drum set for the aspiring drummer in your life? Want to feel like a king? Sit at the throne of a 5 piece drum set from the industry’s top and popular brands, like Tama, Mapex, Pearl, and much more. We stock all the extra whistles and bells so you can start rocking asap. Discover huge variety of drum accessories like cymbals, triangles and double bass pedals, to drum stools, replacement drum heads, as well as stands. 

If you’re shopping for more traditional hand drums, you can easily travel the globe with our huge assortment of hand drums. Browse our selection of Arabic drums, doumbeks, made of metal, that deliver crisp, melodic pops and cracks. Hand drums & many other hand-held percussions, like shakers and tambourines, are awesome for impromptu jam sessions as well as for kids to learn basic rhythms. 

Electronic drum sets deliver an excellent way to practice without rattling the entire house. These  perfect sets deliver total volume control so you will not wake up your neighbors, however you can easily plug in headphones to obtain a quiet percussion session. This way only you will feel that noise. Electronic drums can make perfect beginning sets, so those who are shy to practice out loud can easily just play to themselves. 

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