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Spinning music as well as timing to make the perfect environment for your guests to enjoy the night out is what being a DJ is all about. With the synthesizers and  top of the line DJ equipment from, you can easily drop beats like Tiesto. Many of our DJ mixers, controllers as well as other equipment can assist you mix, scratch, loop and much more. Ditch the vinyl, and hook up electronic turntables to your MP3 player,  computer & mix away your entire library. Choose the portable models so you can always be ready to mix at a moment’s notice. Need the DJ equipment fast, our partners offer a variety of expedited shipping methods, so you can easily get the party started on time.

When the party gets rowdy and loud, every DJ would appreciate a reliable pair of DJ headphones. You got to keep an ear open for the musical cues as well as make sure the levels are just right ensuring a smooth musical experience. The DJ headphones tend to block out most ambient noise & keep your monitoring cues away from the mic. Our synthesizers, drum machines, and many other DJ equipment can assist in creating mash-ups, original mixes as well as tracks.

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