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Discover the supplies  and tools you might need for every single jewelry making project. Browse a vast variety of beads, like bead caps, glass beads, hole beads & lampwork beads as well as all the findings, stringing supplies to make your own jewelry and chains. Check out our bead kits, these are made excellent for making your own jewelry or gifts. From holiday  and seasonal beading projects to themed kits and pink ribbon bead kits, you’ll discover projects for every possible occasion. Match and mix bead colors for your unique design or go with a monochromatic style along with color coordinated beads. Choose wooden beads, bead kits for a perfect value for the craft room or classroom . Discover everyone's favorite beads in a variety of colors, pearl beads, crystal beads & plastic beads for our kids. 

Go for a brand new beading project or create a an independent fun look with some snap jewelry, interchangeable jewelry and slide charms. Try to get creative with jewelry making supplies and floating charm lockets to create custom pieces for your favofourite jewelry collection. Looking for jewelry making supplies? Consider our vast selection of connectors  and bead spacers, wire, headpins, charm holders, jumprings, clasps and much more. Discover extenders , chains, bracelets, earrings & many quality jewelry components at discounted prices.
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