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Of course, streaming entertainment is awesome. However, sometimes you’d like to have your favorite tv-show or a movie right at your fingertips so you can view it wherever and whenever you desire, even when there is no Internet access available. Regardless if you prefer action movies,  classic cinema or — even romantic comedies — we've got you covered. You can even find many previous seasons from many TV shows.

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Consider purchasing movies on DVD or Blu-ray at Check out all your favorites in great array of genres, like action, adventure comedy, drama and many more. Manythings stocks a huge variety of documentaries and foreign films to satisfy almost any taste. If you're into TV shows on Blu-ray or  DVD, Manythings has the popular shows that everyone's talking about, as well as the childhood shows, & almost everything else in between.

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If you’re looking to expand your your movies and TV shows collection, Manythings stocks  the latest movie releases. For many of the biggest blockbusters, you can easily place your order while the movie is still playing in the theater.  Simply pre-order now and watch it when the movie is released.

Manythings also offers 4K Ultra HD movies as well as TV shows that can easily be viewed with 4K Ultra HD TV and 4K Blu-ray Disc player. The images are displayed with an astonishing level of clarity and detail.

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