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As you begin to plan for a new addition to the family, consider how you'll be moving your baby from one place to the next. A car seat is a must if you'll ever plan to be taking your child for a ride. Figure out whether you would settle for an infant car seat, which is designed for rear facing and has relatively low height as well as weight limit. Perhaps a nice convertible car seat, when your baby is young, the seat can be easily faced to the rear of the vehicle & turned when the baby grows up. Check out a stroller that's perfectly suited to your unique lifestyle: many umbrella strollers are lightweight and excellent for carrying up and down the stairs. Heavier strollers with larger wheels are better made for rough terrain. And there is a jogging stroller which is perfect if you're really physically active. Have you considered a baby carrier?
It's also vital to own a comfortable, secure & stimulating place to place your baby while you take care of your other things. Baby swings and baby bouncers offer soothing, which is great for all newborns, and many models sold with dangling toys.

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