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Industrial hand tools is part of  wide range of products, like sanding tools, cutting and grinding. Cutting tools like the industrial drills sometimes being used to drill machine holes into the materials like  wood and metal. Despite their pneumatic-powered or electric counterparts, hand-powered cutting tools always use a  single ratchet action or  mechanical crank to power the tool's strokes. Hand tools are usually used for light-duty operations. Industrial knives like precision and utility knives that can have a retractable, foldable or indexable blade. Staplers and industrial shears are usually heavier duty than commercial versions, and might be useful with plastic or thin metal. Manually powered industrial grinders and sanders are among best fitted for some areas that may  require minimal amounts of finishing or  material removal. Stainless steel and steel are common materials for hand tools because of its durability. These might have  a coating or some other finish to elevate resistance to tool efficiency or corrosion.

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