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There are probably as many models of vacuums as there are floors. Check out the classic upright vacuum it provides portability and excellent balance of power with lots of handy accessories right at your fingertips. The new technological innovations from popular brands like Shark, Eureka, Bissell, Dyson and Hoover, mean floors stay cleaner, faster, and with almost no extra effort.
The only vacuum cleaner that requires the least effort, is the popular robot vacuum. They do all the dirty work while you do everything else -- just set it, forget it.

These handy tools are not quite as easy to use, but definitely a big relief for the exhausted homemaker. The lightweight and maneuverable, handheld stick vacuums, make it a easy to move from room to the next. Canister vacuum cleaners, move the weight from your hands & place the powerful motors on the surface.

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Majority of people don't think of fun when thinking of vacuum cleaners, but the variety of extremely easy-to-use, high-tech vacuum cleaners at Manythings might make you look forward to vacuuming again. Nevertheless, who doesn't like the feel and look of freshly vacuumed rugs? With many styles, sizes and state of the art features to fit any budget, it's never been easier to find the ultimate vacuum cleaner.

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Steam mops, carpet cleaners & commercial garage vacuums complete our collection of vacuum cleaners. 

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